5 qubit quantum computer

First quantum computer to pack qubits enters crowded race

Oct 25 by Moogular

In the case of the FMO, we wish to start the evolution in an equal superposition between site 1 and site 6, as these form the outer layer of the molecule and are most likely to be excited. Latorre, J. Advanced search. Cao, J. IBM is basically offering the use of a five-qubit quantum computer located at a research facility in Yorktown Heights, New York and access can be obtained via the internet using a simple software interface. Together with the quantum computing hardware startup IQM , VTT has taken its first steps to enable the building of quantum computers that will be both scalable and easier to manufacture, allowing more companies to begin their quantum computing journey. Cambridge University Press, Another useful concept is that of invariant subspaces 16 , which suggests that destructive interference can be used to avoid certain sites associated with unwanted loss of excitation, which has no analogue in classical random walks.