A shortcut through time the path to the quantum computer

A Shortcut Through Time: The Path to a Quantum Computer - George Johnson - Google Kitaplar

Dec 11 by Musar

Add to Bookshelf. Inside the Black Box. Johnson spends some series ink in trying to show how the atoms can hold and crunch numbers as long as they are not disturbed; that is, not measured in any way which would bring about the famous "collapse of the wave function". In this remarkably illustrative and thoroughly accessible look at one of the most intriguing frontiers in science and computers, award-winning New York Times writer George Johnson reveals the fascinating world of quantum computing—the holy grail of super computers where the computing power of single atoms is harnassed to create machines capable of almost unimaginable calculations in the blink of an eye. Quantum computing, on the other hand, operates under a different set of rules in Johnson acknowledges as much when he quotes French physicists Serge Haroche and Jean-Michel Raimond as saying that the small scale "hands-on experiments" with a few qubits that are currently being done "are more likely to teach us about the processes that would ultimately make the undertaking fail" than to teach "us how to build a large quantum computer. If your looking for something that is super in depth and is really technicle in nature, the book isn't for you. Chris Balz. The author begins by recalling his youthful