Nv diamond quantum computer

5 Companies Working With Diamond NV Quantum Computing

Jan 21 by Mazurg

Because of these properties, the ideal technique to address the NV centers is confocal microscopy , both at room temperature and at low temperature. Together, these properties mean that it is possible to fabricate a diamond with a spin decoherence time of milliseconds at room temperature. Jump to content Navigation. It is observed when measuring a change in fluorescence after shining green light on an NV defect, or on an ensemble of them while scanning an applied microwave field. Algorithm A two-qubit Deutsch-Jozsa quantum algorithm is realized on the NV center quantum processor. This is the most demanding of all the diamond quantum applications as it requires the most stringent performance of the defects. A quantum accelerator can help reduce those errors, so within the same timeframe, you could get a step change in accuracy.